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Board Game Affiliate Program

stackbox2Do you have a blog, email or social media list of followers who are interested in board games (who isn’t, right?). Great, we at Stack Tactics would love for you to be our affiliate! Our current payout is a whopping 20%. We are getting close to releasing our game and will be promoting it around the internet so now is the time to get signed up and start putting out content! You can sign up here: Don’t worry, this is all we ask, short and sweet, just like us. 🙂


If you have any questions, you can contact us and put your question in the comment area, we will email you a response ASAP!

Unboxing the boxes

We just received our custom game boxes and we took a video of us unboxing the boxes.

The box after folding:


Pandemic VS Settlers of Catan – Head to Head

Comment below to tell us why.

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Stack Tactics Mascot


Cooper the official Stack Tactics mascot.

Stack Tactics Wallpaper


Stack Tactics wallpaper for your desktop.

Stack Tactics


Stack Tactics is a multiplayer game with two or four players. You use advanced strategy to defeat your opponents in battles. By moving your chips and rolling the dice on your turn, there are many ways to conquer the opposite player or team.